Forecast analysis by acoustic simulation software

Category: Environment / Acoustics

In case you should study the impact of one or more acoustic sources, it is possible to use calculation programs for the estimation of the propagation of the noise in the external environment; such software is based on evolved forecasting models, with adequate precision, simulating the actual behavior of the acoustic receiver.

It is essential to consider that the acoustic modeling should be conducted in accordance with the main guidelines and technical existing standards, as an example the European Standard ISO 9613.

Some of the advantages of using software modeling and acoustic simulation are:

  • Data input using mouse and keyboard, supports mapping scanner, direct import of DXF file or image;
  • Immediate verification of data entered through printouts related to the geometrical and acoustical already finalized the printing of the report;
  • Presentation of the output in tabular and graphical form, through colorful customizable two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps;
  • Possibility of inclusion and exclusion of groups of sources or obstacles;
  • Ability to model the noise of industrial and not industrial buildings;
  • Frequency calculation in accordance with ISO 9613-2.

In summary, the use of forecasting software allows you to get extremely accurate results close to reality; it is clear that this result is achieved by careful modeling of the situation to be analyzed (fundamental is the experience and expertise of the technicians conducting the analysis).

The Acoustics Division of IDRA Srl is available for further in-depth analysis, measures and technical advice customized to suit your requirements.

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