Acoustic in building: how to get the comfort of housing

Category: Environment / Acoustics

The quality of a building is evaluated in multiple areas, such as the distribution of space, the geographical location, the energy performance and, last but not least, the acoustic requirements.

It is very important to consider the issues arising from the propagation of noise already in the design phase; indeed, a bad design can ruin the livability of buildings (both residential, commercial and office), making it difficult resolution measures ex-post.

Issues to be considered at the design stage fall into four categories:

  • Insulation of facade
  • Noise decking
  • Insulation domestic air
  • Noise of the plants.

The performance evaluation is conducted in accordance with the UNI EN 12354, which determine the method of analysis for the different case studies mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that the major non-conformities are found both in the lack of proper planning and in the construction work mistakes.

The correct choice of materials associated with the proper design and planning supervision (carried out by competent personnel in the acoustic field) allows you to get the buildings in line with modern standards and, therefore, comfortable and adequately insulated from the noise sources.

A final note concerns the integration of acoustic, fire prevention and energy requirements; these three areas, seemingly independent, are closely related because the sound insulation performance, durability and resistance to fire and thermal insulation depends sharply on the materials used in the building. In the design phase it should therefore be considered in these performance requirements conjunction, in order to optimize costs and pursue excellence criteria.

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