IDRA Srl operates in the following fields:


Energy management understood as efficiency in the exploitation of available resources, use of renewable sources, regenerative and cogeneration systems and improvement of the performance of user plants is increasingly assuming a fundamental role in company management.


The Engineering Division operates in the field of civil/building and plant design, offering the customer an integrated “turnkey” service. The IDRA Srl Team works in a coordinated and multidisciplinary manner, guaranteeing short response times and a high level of preparation.


The Internationalization Division follows 360° the development processes of its business in a foreign key, providing the customer with the tools, information and skills necessary to access markets across borders without incurring risks due to lack of knowledge of operational limitations, legislative and/or cultural of the target market.

Management Consulting

The Management Consulting Division provides highly specialized and integrated services in the fields of process, product and business organization engineering.


It is natural for companies to resort to the implementation of logics aimed at complying with international standards of environmental, social and energy sustainability, adapting their organization and their behavior to these protocols.

System and Certification

The application of a management system in the Company leads to multiple advantages in organizational terms and, consequently, allows to achieve a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness, reducing costs due to inefficiencies in company processes.