The Internationalization Department is completely engaged in the development processes of its own Business in foreign perspective, giving the Customer the instruments, the information and the competences needed to enter foreign markets without incurring risks due to the lack of information on operative, legal, cultural limitations of the target market.

The internationalization process needs to be approached in dynamics and cross-cutting perspective, in order to consider simultaneously matters of different kinds; IDRA Srl has been supporting businesses for many years, for example in themanagement of certificates / trademarks / authorizations to enter foreign markets, in the creation and consolidation of the distribution and logistics network (Supply Chain management), in the management of foreign direct investment (FDI) aimed to the creation of a new production plant, and in the management of related issues of General Management.

The search for funding sources that facilitate the stages of internationalization in some cases can be very expensive although with short payback period, therefore this represents a further added value to the services offered by IDRA Srl.

Taking advantage of market opportunities in the perspective of business and innovation, internationalization ensures to enterprises an economic recovery.