Systems and Certifications

The application of a management system in the Company leads to multiple advantages in organizational terms and, consequently, allows to achieve a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness, reducing costs due to inefficiencies in company processes.

Our approach to the implementation and certification of the systems mentioned above starts from an in-depth analysis of company processes and the consequent identification of the critical factors for each of them. This allows us to design the management system in terms of performance, creating solid foundations for its application in the company and making it a set of transversal tools for the entire organization.

Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to transposing the indications of the legislation but we make the most of the tools and procedures that the company already has, introducing changes and improvements for the simplification of processes and the achievement of core targets. The aim is to keep the production practice unchanged where possible, in order to minimize the commitment of internal resources, limit the times for obtaining the certification as much as possible and achieve the appropriate organizational structure to guarantee the pre-established performances.

The above has been applied for over fifteen years to the areas of quality (also with derivations of the medical ISO 13485 and automotive IATF 16949), environment, occupational safety, energy, logistics & supply chain, information & communication technology.