Safety and Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention and Safety Division assists the public and private customer, in the assessment and mitigation of risk and in the compliance with fire prevention rules, through the phases of planning, implementation and monitoring.

The customer is at the center of the process and is supported in the analysis of your company in terms of risks detection and prevention, ensuring its staff a workplace in accordance with the provisions of the regulation in force.

One of the main objectives of IDRA Srl is to exploit the legal obligations in terms of optimizing your processes to ensure, through business continuity, the solution of problems that can potentially block the business operations.

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The decrease in the exposure probability to the accident-risk to workers is the key to comply with the obligations imposed by the regulation in terms of health and safety at workplace.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is always on the side of the customer, for new buildings, extensions, alterations, renovations and adaptations.