Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is always on the side of the customer, for new buildings, extensions, alterations, renovations and adaptations.

The type of the request of the customer puts our organization to choose the most appropriate methodology, including the engineering approach to fire prevention (performance approach) that allows the optimization of the activity subject to control by the Fire Service Command, organizing the preventive and protective measures (from structural design to finally arrive at the emergency management plan) according to the actual needs.

The activities carried out by IDRA Srl for the customer can be divided into three areas: certification, design and verification.

The aim of certification is the request for issuance/renewal of the CPI – Certified of Fire Prevention at Fire Department. The work includes the preparation of projects for the request of the Fire Prevention Certificate, the technical expertise of Fire Compliance (also related to the management of claims) and the analysis by fire safety engineering approach (business modeling and performance analysis).

The design covers feasibility studies for adjustments to the rules of fire prevention, fire extinguishing systems design with hydrants, sprinklers, hose reels, water-Mist, Hi-Fog and total saturation, and consulting and construction management in the field of fire prevention.

The verification phase (control and monitoring) is particularly important for the correct implementation and optimization of the process. The customer is then supported through audits and verifications of compliance with fire prevention regulation through which specific technical inspection such as verification and testing of fire protection water supply.

IDRA Srl aims to ensure customer satisfaction through appropriate and specific methodologies.