The decrease in the exposure probability to the accident-risk to workers is the key to comply with the obligations imposed by the regulation in terms of health and safety at workplace.

In the obtaining of the final result the Security Division operates using the latest technologies resulting from the application of organizational models and safety management systems, supporting the customer in accordance with the provisions of the standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and BS 18004:2008.

The safety in the company must be applied in three main areas:

We invite you to view the following link: Body, Mind and Work Place.

Body, Mind and Workplace are three aspects that influence each other and whose management must occur through technical, managerial, operational and training interventions.

These interventions are necessary to reduce the risks of injury and ill health and they must be applied by the company through the implementation and control of processes of hazard identification and risk assessment.

Therefore the company must take into account the three critical aspects mentioned above – Body, Mind, Workplace – to understand and identify the hazards that exist or might arise in the course of the organization’s activities. Once the entity of hazards is understood and assessed, the next step is to examine the possible preventive options for risk reduction, and compare them in relation to priority and associated resources, in order to select the most appropriate interventions for effective risk management.

The OH&S Management System is the instrument that must be developed and implemented to control and manage the results of hazard identification, risk assessment and monitoring processes.