Environment and Acoustics

The impact that companies have on the territory denotes and defines our future. The protection and preservation of the external and internal environment of business is one of the prerequisites that every company must ask.

The Environment Division of IDRA Srl is close to the Client in obtaining the final result using the best methods and practices and defining actions for the protection of the three elements of the environment: air, water and soil.

The customer service is so far the management of the obligations imposed by law (eg in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics) that the search for innovative technical solutions in the field of plant (sewage – removal) and remediation.

The objective of IDRA Srl is to monitor and improve your performance and environmental practices, so as to exploit this aspect not only as a requirement defined by the law, but as a source of opportunity, competitiveness, image enhancement and cost optimization.


The air we breathe every day is the result of our living. The air and noise pollution defined as the alteration of the normal composition of air and / or noise levels, is caused by man through the use of fossil fuels used in the heating of our buildings, industrial activities / crafts and trade, transportation, and, in general, in all activities of daily living.


H2O is the chemical element which covers about 70% of the surface of the Earth and of our bodies, despite that we hardly ever give it enough importance, polluting with discharges and industrial wastes.


The essential element of ecosystems is the soil: the surface which pollution affects water and air too.

The implementation of environmental management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS, …) and the environmental impact assessment of the preliminary designs for new or existing works
are two activities that allow the complete and definite environmental management, through a proper process definition and use of materials. Having an Environmental Management System that monitors the processes and the assessment of their impact, means to have a tool that allows you to work while respecting the environment.