The essential element of ecosystems is the soil: the surface which pollution affects water and air too.

The high absorbency of the soil leads to the concentration of the nourishing substances essential for plants and organisms, and of all the pollutants caused by human activity, with the predominance of the action of the latter.

The preservation of the soil is a duty of every citizen, as humanity asset. Therefore every employer and employee is responsible for safeguarding this asset also in working activities.

How can we be useful for your company?

The engagement of IDRA Srl is to help you identify and realize optimal and innovative solutions. Planning and management are the key words that will ensure the achievement of the objectives you fixed.

Among the main activities of IDRA Srl, we recall the integral management of the remediation process through the design of the intervention, coordination of companies, preparation of authorization procedures, relationship with authorities, technical supervision and accounting of the site, technical and legal assistance in wastes management.

In addition, specific economic evaluations will be implemented in order to determine the costs (Assessment of costs of remediation of polluted areas, costs of disposal of industrial wastes, costs of “Eternit” disposal, costs for the disposal of non-strategic assets).