Work Place

Working environment as the place that surrounds you.

The work environment and the elements within it, such as machinery and equipment, shall be consistent for the protection of workers and for the optimization of business processes. The Employer shall ensure the safety of the company, which may be possible through the definition of a relevant and specific layout, and through the risks identification.

The Team of IDRA Srl is able to provide strategic solutions for space optimization and organization, and specialist evaluations, about the physical environment (such as microclimate risk, risks related to the environment, risks associated with the use of machinery and equipment, risk tied to working in Confined Spaces, risks related to the use of work equipment and installations, plants and electrical equipment (electrical risk), the risks associated with explosive atmospheres (ATEX – explosion, fire risk) and physical agents (such as artificial optical radiation, electromagnetic fields).

Safety in the workplace is also assured by the presence of machinery/equipment/plants in accordance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) – EC marking.

The adaptation of machinery/equipment/facilities under the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) is particularly important to reduce the injury probability and must be accompanied by preventive actions. IDRA Srl, in obtaining the final result of compliance, offers to the customers services such as analysis of machinery/equipment/facilities conformity in order to meet applicable safety regulation,design of improvement interventions with the project intervention and cost estimation, preparation of technical documentation necessary for CE marking (manual of use and maintenance, technical dossier, PED report) and technical and legal opinion of compliance for the safety of the machinery. We remind that the machines/equipment in the workplace impact not only on their compliance, but also on their own use (risks related to the use of machinery and equipment).

According to BS 18004:2008, risks associated to facilities and equipment can be eliminated or reduced, for example, through regular maintenance and repair, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), inspection and testing of material handling equipment (e.g. lifting devices).