The optimization of industrial processes must occur by a precise and focused Energy Check.

The energy check must lead to concrete and measurable reductions in energy consumption and, at the same time, should prepare the ground for the implementation of the “Best Available Technologies” for energy efficiency.

The energy check is developed according to the following structure:

  • Inspection, data collection, analysis of the status quo.
  • Production of a report containing the descriptions of the company, the energy consumption and flows, and the main uses and characteristics of the sector.
  • Determination of the potential of reduction of the use of traditional energy sources, also in relation to the introduction of renewable sources.
  • Proposal of a plan for implementation of the actions identified with related economic assessments, using specific spreadsheet that allow to quantify the savings in terms of energy.

The results of the energy check represent the basis for the investments in energy efficiency and are aimed to promote the use of the concepts of “smart energy” and to extend the application of the instruments of energy management.