The company’s facilities should be monitored in order to ensure their correct working and their energy consumption. Therefore it is essential to carry out a check-up of all machineries used, to verify whether it is possible to reduce energy consumption, product/service offered being equal. This occurs through the energy analysis of industrial processes, drafting a energy balance and a plan for energy optimization. The objective of IDRA Srl is to operate preserving the monitoring and the continuous energy management.

Understanding how energy is used within the company and identifying the points in which the energy flow is not effective, but excessively expensive, grant the Customer to minimize wastes in favor of the internal budget.

Through the analysis of the current situation of your company from the energy point of view, we are able to identify the most significant areas of intervention. Subsequently, through our technical know-how based on current BAT (Best Available Technologies – Best Available Technology), we are able to offer system solutions that will allow you to get maximum performance with the lowest costs possible.

Continuous improvement will be ensured through the constant monitoring of energy consumption and performance.

Here are some case studies that led some companies to optimize energy efficiency with the resulting cost savings: