Rational use of energy occurs as a result of a major analysis and monitoring, carried out by competent personnel. In fact the professional profile named Energy Manager, is responsible for the conservation and rational use of Energy. General requirements, qualification procedures and duties are defined by the standard UNI CEI 11339 Energy management – Experts in energy management – General requirements for qualification.

This professional role is mandatory for public and private companies having significant consumption -10,000 TOE (Tonne of Oil Equivalent) for enterprises in the industrial sector and 1,000 TOE for those in the tertiary sector and public administration. Nevertheless considering the function of the Energy Manager only as compliance of law would be simplistic. In fact including this professional within your business allows to control continuously consumptions and energy expenditure, rationalizing energy resources and promoting the production of energy by renewable sources.

If your company does not have any staff having necessary requirements to fulfill this task, our professionals are enabled to undertake the responsibility of the role.