Mission and Vision


IDRA Srl is a consultancy company operating in the following fields: environment, safety, training, energy, engineering and business organization. The main objective on which we have built our philosophy is the full satisfaction of the customer through a “complete management” of the issues and problems concerning the fields mentioned above. The competences are owned by a team of vertically specialized team, constantly trained and updated, which assists the client step by step; IDRA Srl turns out to be a one-stop partner to solve the problems related to several fields, which at first glance seem different, but actually they are often interconnected.

IDRA Srl is a AIFOS Professional Training Centre and it manages the training plans of its Clients under accreditation, according to prescription of regulations in force.
certificate CFA_AIFOS

In addition IDRA Srl:

  • Ensures on-line and on-site assistance to avoid leaving the client alone;
  • Owns specialized constantly updated databases, containing laws and documents on the topics of interest;
  • Carries out targeted audits in order to verify and supervise the business situation, allowing to identify and jointly project improvement actions;
  • Supports the development of the commissioning enterprise, assisting in the training process of its staff, providing tailor-made courses designed to suit the needs of the customer.


IDRA Srl vision is: “Identify and implement the best solutions concerning organization, plant engineering, energy, safety and environment. Being chosen as a model of competence, professionalism and reliability from the Customers. “


Simone Tischler

Amministratore Unico

Federico Cal

Responsabile Tecnico