Management Control

The expression “management control” can be interpreted as the actions that allow to plan and control the company’s choices in order to satisfy the business objectives.

To be in line with the market and overcome the crisis and the competition, it is necessary to foresee the events and anticipate them, in order to be an opportunity asset for the Customer, not just one company among the others. To make this possible, you need strategic actions supported by a management control system tailor-made for your company. The Team of IDRA Srl aims to identify a suitable system, with solutions of organizational support for the accomplishment of the company’s mission and for the personnel management. The operational and strategic decisions will concern the whole business, in order to manage all the elements and the relations among them.

The main activities proposed by IDRA Srl are: corporate reorganization and renovation, engineering and industrial process optimization, analysis of power-supply contracts and research of the best supplier, analysis of consumptions, economic evaluation and risk assessment for insurance purposes.