ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems

The ISO 50001, valid worldwide, sets the requirements of the Energy Management Systems (EMS), focusing on the aspects of “operational control” and “monitoring”, indispensable for effective energy management of an industrial settlement.

The scheme ISO 50001 suits successfully to all types of manufacturing/tertiary settlement having relevant energy use and consumptions. Documentation requirements of the regulation are simple and easy to meet.

In summary we can say that the Energy Management System consists of a set of actions aimed to verify the energy performance and its optimization.

The main steps that allow to develop an EMS are the pre-audit, the monitoring and the energy diagnosis, the analysis of economic and technical feasibility of interventions to improve efficiency, the design of intervention for adaptation, revision and review of results.

The review of the results is a periodic step to verify the correspondence between what was budgeted and what actually occurred, including analysis of deviations (analysis of causes) and implementation of additional measures to improve efficiency.

Using this tool the organization monitors and enforces the requirements of the standards defined by the regulation, reducing and optimizing energy consumption and lowering internal costs.