Idra for the Product

The life cycle of a product consists of a series of basic steps that every employer needs to know to manage and optimize the costs, timing and customer feedback. The life cycle of every product consists of four basic steps, i.e. the entry in the market, the growth, the maturity and the decline.

The timing of the phases depends on a number of factors depending both on the internal management of the company, and on the demands and needs of the market. The ability of internal planning and management consists on delaying the stage of decline and compensating it with the introduction of a new product in the market, in order to limit the economic and image-related damages of the organization.

The management of the process through the use of a Management System, can guarantee the quality of the product respecting the vision predetermined at the beginning of the path and ensuring the differentiation with respect to competitors.

It will be crucial to monitor the entire life cycle of the product in order to understand in which phase the product is situated and ensure the correct strategies in accordance with the Management System.

Hereby are the main fields of application of IDRA Srl for the product:

  • UNI EN 15593 – Hygiene Management Systems in the production of packaging for foodstuffs;
  • Food BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety;
  • IFS Food – International Food Standard;
  • ISO 22005 – Traceability in the agro -food products;
  • UNI 11233 – Integrated production systems in the agro -food productions;
  • LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.