Human Resources HR

Human Resources are the “active asset of every business”.

Investing in the development of human capital allows companies to organize in the best way the tasks and the activities of the business, getting the best from the potential of each individual.

The staff must be organized, trained and managed.

Do you have a thorough knowledge of the resources owned by your company? Are you adequately investing in staff, ensuring their professional growth?

Definitely you have asked yourself at least one of these questions, but could you find practical and satisfactory answers? The Human Resources Division is at your service in analyzing the human resources management of your company under the psychological and organizational points of view, to help you invest for their development through improvement plans. In particular, our service is divided into the following areas:

The first area concerns the personnel administration, occurring by accurate selection processes based on characteristics and requirements, according to the activities to perform and the working environment (e.g. if the job involves teamwork, the person selected must naturally have an aptitude for this, to avoid interferences within the group).

The second area ensures the effective and optimal management of the resources of the company. This begins with the identification of the profile of each member of the staff, through an Assessment of competences, as well as Job descriptionsand organizational chart.

The management stage will be necessarily supported by the development phase (third area), providing the essential instruments, as Coaching and Training, in order to acquire the competencies needed to ensure the correct execution of the activities and an effective coordination among the company’s departments.

An important aspect is the management of change, which must be managed through techniques of transition and transformation.

While management and organizing your own business, you should remember that “Human resources are something above each measurement. The capacity of these resources can be extended indefinitely when each person begins to think” [Taijchi Ohno (creator of the Toyota System)].

The management of human resources can be summarized by the competency model here under.