Funds: finding and managing funding to support internationalizations processes.

The internationalization project must be supported by an adequate budget, to ensure the capacity of affording immediate expenses, as well as the ones which will occur during the first period of settlement.

In this regard, it is possible to take advantage from European and Regional funding.

In particular, there are two types of funds supporting internationalization: structural and European funds. The former are provided by national and local level intermediation, and they involve the presentation of the project by the company to the Region; the funding covers only a part of the costs of the project. On the other side, the Community funds are directly granted by the European Community and they involve more significant projects, in monetary terms, compared to the structural funds. They are often undertaken in collaboration with several companies working together to achieve the same goal: the effective and efficient internationalization.

Among these funds, it is important to mention “Horizon 2020″ proposed by the European Community and regards the funding for research and innovation of 80 million euro for the period 2014-2020. The three pillars of the program are: Excellence Science, Industrial Leadership, Challenges of the Society.

IDRA Srl aims to support you in participating to grants in order to get support for your internationalization process.