Funding management

In an economic environment increasing its dynamism and competitiveness the ability of a company to be able to identify and manage financial resources in line with technological developments and the needs and the opportunities offered by the markets, now assumes more than ever a fundamental importance. Among the financial instruments available from the company to meet the needs of both long and short term, has a particular strategic value the Facilitated Finance. The world of subsidized loans is a complex world, where it is difficult to navigate. This explains why most of the companies do not use all the tools available funding. The business activities that may be interested in loan or grants are varied and generally include activities such

  • technological innovation,
  • research,
  • e-commerce,
  • investments in new facilities and purchase of equipment for the production,
  • export to non-EU Countries,
  • improvement of occupational health and safety conditions,
  • performance improvement concerning energy and environment.

Not all loans are always available and it’s for this reason that it should be adequately supported by experts in the field, which can details you all the opportunities and follow you at all stages – from applying for finance, obtaining, to the eventual reporting, liquidation and closure of the practice. IDRA Srl is specialized in the management of community funds, National, Regional and Special Provisions; we are available for the verification of opportunity in capital account applicable to your company.